By Ethan

If you’re reading this, then you are probably learning English, or at least considering starting. But WHY are you learning English? And what motivates you to keep learning?


Why Learn English?

Today we’re going to look at four ways that English will change your life. Some of these may already be motivators for you. Others may be reasons that have never even crossed your mind (that you’ve never thought of):


English is a Tool for Success

Many of my students learn English for one of the following reasons:

  • To get a promotion
  • To get a better job
  • To pass a test

Do you know what’s missing in this list?



Very few learners can say that their main motivation for learning is that they love the language or they are passionate about it. However, this is one of the best inspirations for learning a language! So its important to start with a fiery passion for the language, which will make you unstoppable in your learning!

That said, in a globalizing world, being able to communicate with people from other countries is more important than ever. And English just happens to be the most widely spoken language in the world.

Almost any international company is going to value employees that can speak English over ones that can’t, and for more and more jobs its a necessity! Plus, many companies will pay up to 20 percent more to someone who is multilingual.
By speaking English as a second language, you’ll be more open to ideas coming from other countries and markets, and this will make you an asset (valuable member) to practically any company.
And what about self-employment? If you’re fluent in English, so many opportunities open up to you, like teaching private classes, interpretation, translation, internships, and jobs abroad.
If you want to be more successful, then that’s a damn good reason to learn English; come at it with passion, and you will be implacable!


Meet People and Make Friends with English

What better reason to learn English is there than being able to connect with people all over the world? It’s definitely my top motivator!
You can make friends both online (internationally) and in your own city (locally) through English.



Start in an international community, like RealLife English. You can find support and inspiration from learners like yourself that are passionate about improving their English! You can make friends to talk with on Skype and practice speaking together and get all sorts of cool English learning resources.
You can even meet people in your own city with whom to practice your English. You may be able to find members in our community, or other English learning communities, that live near you.
If you’re really motivated to meet both native and non-native English speakers in your community, I recommend that you read this article.


Discover New Cultures Through English

Almost everywhere you go, you can encounter English: English music, television, movies, news, etc. This is because of the huge influence that American and British culture have all over the world.
Wouldn’t you like to understand the music that you and your friends enjoy? How about translating the lyrics for your friends and family? You’ll find that most people are very impressed with this.
In addition, watch movies and televisions shows in their original format you’ll never have to put up with (tolerate) the annoying dubbed over shows where the words don’t fit the mouths movement.
If you get the chance to travel, you’ll be able to experience the local culture so much better if you can talk to and meet locals. Imagine visiting a new city and being able to ask a local about the best restaurants, must-see attractions, and the most fun pubs. Getting the local experience is so much better than
reading a guidebook. In fact, I never travel to a new country without knowing at least a few key phrases!


Become a Citizen of the World

Let’s move beyond semantics, learning a language often leads to self-development (that is, improving yourself and contributing to a better world).


Learning a second language makes it much easier to learn a third because you not only grow certain areas of your brain, but you also learn the strategies for learning languages that work the best for you. You get to know your own learning process, which can really help you in aspects of your life that you would never expect (for example, studies show that learning a second language makes you smarter and healthier).
Having a way to communicate with people from other parts of the world will help you to break down barriers like cultural differences, stereotypes, racism, and prejudice. Every day in the RealLife community we see people sharing and learning about each other’s cultures.
I honestly believe that if everyone in the world had a common language, we would learn that in essence, we’re all more similar than we are different. We’re all human beings, and few people would want go to war and kill people that are basically just like themselves.
So, do you want to foster peace in the world? Then learn English and become a citizen of the world!


Your Passport to the World

English truly is your passport to the world. It can make you more successful, help you meet really interesting people and make friends, discover new cultures, and become a citizen of the world.

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