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How can I find an English language institute near me?

iEnglish Languages Institute نبذة عن آي انجلش

Office 110-111, Commercial Building, Sheikh Zayed Road – Dubai

Contact –  +971 4 283 3981
Email –

Opening Hours : 9AM – 8PM Sat-Thu ( Friday Off )

Office 901, Al Jazira Sports Club ,Tower A, Muroor Street ,Abu Dhabi, UAE

Contact –  +971 2 642 8833
Email –

Opening Hours : 9AM – 8PM Sat-Thu ( Friday Off )


M1, Emirates Commercial Complex – Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St – Al Ain

Contact –  +971 3 751 3988
Email –

Opening Hours : 9AM – 8PM Sat-Thu ( Friday Off )

Do you provide certificates?

Yes, at iEnglish institute, we provide best accredited certificates for each language level passed.

Should I study British or American English?

It is good to get used to both accents and the differences are mainly related to pronunciation. We focus on British English courses, but we are also an American language centre with skilled native teachers from the USA. Please mention your preference when booking classes and our team will do their best to help.

How can I learn to speak English quickly?
  1. Watch or listen to English podcasts, videos or movies.
  2. Find a good spoken English institute near you.
  3. Practice English every single day and join an English learning institute.
  4. Don’t worry about making mistakes – that is part of learning!
  5. Use an app like Quizlet or a notepad to record new words.
  6. Find a good site like BBC learning English to practice at home.
Why is it better to study at a language training centre?

Our English language school provides private English lessons with British and American tutors. Although we recommend group spoken English courses, some students have specific study requirements and need the attention of a private tutor.

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