Cambridge Preparation Business English Program

              These courses prepare you for one  of the most recognized business English qualifications in the business world. In addition to the widest scope in developing the English language and many linguistic and administrative concepts, learners are introduced to the most important terminology and structures in the English language, starting with the ability to introduce yourself as an employee in a company or as a manager or CEO of a firm or organization. By that, we mean:
Sending E-mails, holding meetings, running and leading discussions, communicating effectively, and carrying  out interviews for recruitments, marketing, general management, human resources, sales, finance, project management and all areas of business. This will be conducted through three advanced levels: (Business Leader, Business Executive, and Business Elite.

The first level, Business Leader, contains  these important parts :
• Email writing strategies .
• conduct meetings .
• Presentations (product/company presentation , fluency and conference talks).
• Employment (CV, writing an application letter, conducting interviews, accepting or declining  a job offer).
• General administrative terms (finance, operations, human resources).


Entry requirements:

• The level of English should be  B1 or higher on the CEFR scale (European International Level Scale).


Level of achivement :

• Identify, understand, interpret and analyze written data such as brochures, graphs and tables.
•  creating documents such as portfolios, memos, handbooks, reports in all forms, and most types of complex graphs and flowcharts.
• Receiving, translating and responding to oral messages, interpreting them and responding to them clearly and perfectly.
  Organizing ideas and communicating orally and writing in various work contexts.
• Deep and complete understanding of basic terms, theories, concepts and practices in the field of human resources.


Target learners :

The second level, Business Executive, includes the following objectives:
• Entrepreneurship, including financial terminology, presentations and initiation of business conversations.
• Customer relations through customer communication skills and phrases, writing memos, sending and responding to emails.
• New business concepts including  work related to social media, writing various types of research questionnaires, including qualitative and quantitative surveys, along with analyzing and presenting them in a scientific and clear manner.
• Marketing by launching a product and learning persuasion skills, conditions and promotion methods.


Entry requirements:

the language level should be  B2 or higher on the CEFR scale (European International Level Standard).


Level of achivement:

• Understand and write English in various ways within a range of business contexts.
• Acquire the skills and vocabulary necessary to conduct interviews, hire an employee or terminate  an employment contract.
• Participate in talks and discussions related to business.
• Give an oral presentation on a work-related topic.
• Proficiency in communication skills with clients and the language  used in writing memos and emails.
• Understand business English, both spoken and written at a high level.


Target learners :

The third level, Business Elite, includes:

Advanced Business English used to:

• Understand advanced and complex business English vocabulary and expressions.
• The provisions of the concepts of special language in making strategic decisions.
• Acquisition of management skills such as preparing leaders, general managers and CEOs.
• The ability to deliver public speeches in conferences properly and confidently.
• Proficiency in linguistic methods related to employment and training plans for companies.
• Understand, collect and analyze advanced economic and business data.
• Raising the level of advanced quantitative and qualitative research skills related to all kinds of business.
• The ability to communicate in a flexible and easy way using advanced and very complex linguistic expressions and concepts with all English speakers in various business topics.


Entry requirements:

• level of English should be  C1 on the CEFR scale (European International Level Scale).


Level of achievements  :

• Enhance the professional opportunities as well as the English language skills needed to be successful.
•  Succeed  in business studies related to  English language skills.
• Effective communication at the administrative and professional level
• Confidently participate in meetings and presentations in the workplace.
• Expressing yourself confidently.
• Interact accurately  in different cultural, social and business situations.


Target learners :

surly , each course prepares the learners to take an official business English exam accredited by Cambridge Assessment,the certificate is valid for life. The qualification is also regulated by OFQUAL1.

In order to enroll in these courses, we will take an English language test for you to ensure the required level.
The test is conducted via computer and lasts for 60 minutes long.
The practical section of the program.
1 The Office of Qualification and Examinations Regulation:

Enhance your competitive qualities by obtaining a globally recognized certificate in leadership and management to prove your knowledge and professional experience. It also builds your resume and can make you more qualified for senior positions - especially compared to individuals who haven't invested in professional development.

If successful participants receive a Certificate of Achievement from the Institute of Leadership and Management - in recognition of the successful completion of the course.
Get an automatic  professional  access membership with the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Also, you will receive digital credentials confirming your membership  and the ability to share it on your social media.

As part of thetraining , you will have access to the Management Mastery Track, in partnership with the British Institute of Leadership and Management. This gives you access to 10 online learning modules.Each unit contains a test of 20 (true/false) questions.
At the end of the training , once completed the 10 exams, book a 15-minute live chat with a resident from ILM that will be administered to check your knowledge in agreement with our standards.
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