Business English:

Masar is an intensive program also known as iMasar English Language Program which spans over a period and is geared towards communications within a business environment.

Go English:

The first stage of Masar provides you a solid foundation for further learning.
Market Leader 1:
           It includes a realistic presentation of the real language and a focus on all areas of business English through the use of expressions that indicate the understanding of conversations in scientific terms. Besides ,asking and talking about daily activities.
Market Leader 2:
           Emphasis is placed on listening and speaking skills and boosting confidence in all topics such as discussing hotel reservations, travel trips and prices using related and specialized terms.

Company English:

The second stage of Masar which takes one step further towards the actual specific needs of today’s business world.

English for Customer Care:

           You might be working at the sales or  costomer service departement, or have direct contact with customers in a bank or a hotel, or you are in direct contact with customers via phone in a company. In all of these situations, you need the skills, strategies, and vocabulary needed to communicate  in English affectively.
1 – English for Marketing and Advertising:
            This course provides vital topics related to marketing, such as marketing strategies and tools, advertising design, the use of terminology for planning and marketing research  at work, and the discussion of marketing campaigns and the use of related vocabulary.

2 – English for E-mails:
               English for e-mails has become very prevalent in business today. Therefore, you need to understand and respond to e-mails quickly, efficiently and with high accuracy by learning idioms and regular expressions when writing letters and teaching professional and diplomatic phrases and expressions when apologizing.

Working English:

The third and last stage of Masar in which you have confidently reached the most professional point of today’s Business English.

The English for Meetings:

            This course provides all the conversational skills needed to participate in meetings confidently by learning the vocabulary and structure of organizing, fixing and rescheduling meetings. The course also introduces how to use phrases and expressions to make positive suggestions during meetings and learn the strategies of different opinions, criticism and cross-cultural meetings.
1 – English for Presentations.
           In many companies, presentations have become an important part of working , but making them in English is challenging . In this course, the student learns how to use phrases and concepts related to presentational explanations and methods of descriptions such as graphs and  working with visual effects. The student also learns how to end the presentation and deal with audience' questions.
2 – English for Business Writing:
           The course enhances your ability to acquire skills related to writing methods such as clarity, confidence and professionalism such as: writing electronic messages, memos and business reports. You will also learn the necessary  strategies to formulate these writing materials in a regular, clear and logical manner.


iEnglish Institute Use of the  Latest Technology:

          Our English institute is equipped with the latest touchscreen interactive whiteboards, which help to bring lessons to life by making the classroom more student-centered and our tutors are highly qualified native speakers from around the world with an extensive teaching experience.

You can visit iEnglish at our respective venues in Dubai , Abu Dhabi and Al Ain .

iMasar English Language Program Increases employee's productivity:

            Among 4 to 5 employees believe that effective internal business communications helps to enhance their job's performance. With the information overload, employees often spend too much time searching for  the right content that they need to perform better. Moreover, an average employee spends 2.5 hours every day searching for  the information needed. Furthermore we nurture students'ambition and prepare them for success at their chosen university. Putting students first is at the heart of everything we do.

After iMasar English Language Program:

Our Students will:

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