iEnglish Corporate Training

The language of business is different from the language of everyday life, and it’s a distinction that iEnglish thoroughly comprehends because we have devised our Corporate Training and iMasar (Business Program) on this distinction.

Language Training

Trainer & Teacher Training

Need to update or enhance your training skills? Do you need to train or coach others as part of your job? At iEnglish, we can help you perfect your training skills whether you’re a teacher or are required to train others within your company. Our workshops can:

Business English

Onsite training for Front-line staff
Tailor-made business English program to suit your company’s requirements.
Industry-specific language and vocabulary.
All employees must undergo an English assessment test prior to any training.
Increase in fluency and confidence during face-to-face business interactions, either with clients or colleagues.
Cost-effective method for solving critical communication gaps within and between departments.

Business Skills Workshops

iEnglish was established in 2007
Established in 2007, iEnglish is one of the rare English training institute accredited by the UAE Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET) and Ministry of Education
We have specific tie-ups and/or associations/agreements with the major publishers
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